Terms of Service


Please read the following very carefully.

By enrolling with us you agree, acknowledge and fully accept that you have read and fully understand our policies and procedures. You also acknowledge that these policies are subject to change without notice.


The 1st step in enrolling you into our academy is usually booking you into a free trial lesson. It's totally free for you and will be used to determine what you/your child's current tennis skill level is, what class would best suit, and if you/your child would be a good fit for our academy and vice versa. All we ask is that you show up and take the class as seriously as any paid lesson. And We also ask that you please let us know if you cannot attend this class for any reason as a common courtesy so we may be able to schedule another student in your place. 


For the trial class you may be on your own or placed into a group we deem would be suitable for you/your child. This will depend mainly on availability and whether you/your child has played any tennis at all before. After your trial class we will usually contact you the next business day to discuss whether or not you would like to enrol and if so which class, day/time would suit you best. 


You can enrol with us by emailing in your enrolment form, by returning your form to one of our coaches (completed in full), or we can book you in over the phone (call 0421 560 235). An email will then be sent out to you with your invoice on it for the remainder of the term along with any other notes or important information you may need to be made aware of. From there it's as simple as making the payment for the remainder of the term and away you go!


Note - if we do not receive payment on or by the start of your 1st class, you will not be allowed to start your lesson. Again, details about how you can make payment will be sent to you via email once you have enrolled and are booked in for a class day/time.

*Note - It is extremely important that when you enrol with us you provide us with a valid email address and your best possible contact number. All of our communication with you will be done either on the phone or by email. Failure to provide correct details may mean you miss out on important information.


**Note - if you decide to withdraw from a class once you are enrolled, you must do so before the start of your second class in that term, to be entitled to a refund. If you do withdraw before your second class, you will be refunded for the remaining classes which have not been completed. However if you decide to withdraw from your classes after you have completed your second class, you will not receive a refund and you will be required to either complete the classes or forfeit your payment(s)


Re-enrolling with us is simple. We will contact you via phone, text and email with 3 weeks to go in every term to confirm your spot for the following term. If you do not plan on continuing, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible so we what spots are available for new enrolments. If you do wish to continue for the following term, simply pay your fees in full before the due date. If there are ever any issues with payments, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you have not paid your invoice for the next term before the due date, your place in the class may be forfeited.


We accept payments via online bank transfer(no credit cards), or by paying cash directly to your coach. Our account details and other payment information can all be found on your invoice, which we will send out to you once you have enrolled with us or at the appropriate time. When making payment remember that you please reference your payment with your name or your invoice number. eg inv1007

*Please note that Payments for all junior rackets(should you require one), must be made in full before or on the day you receive your racket.

Class Sizes

We endeavour to do our best to always keep class sizes as small as possible with a ratio of 4 students to 1 coach per court. However, from time to time we may need to exceed this class size limit due to make-up classes or wash-outs. We may have 5 students per class in the case of a makeup lesson. We ask for your understanding in such circumstances  

Missed classes

For classes that are missed due to bad weather such as rain(washouts), excessively high winds (45-50kph or greater+), or high temperature (37* Celsius or higher) ,  we will have to conduct makeup classes. If any of these instances do occur, we will contact you(usually via text message) as soon as possible on the day if we have to cancel your class. If you do not hear from us, you must assume training is on. Once a class has been missed due to inclement weather, you will be contacted by us as soon as possible to re-schedule a makeup lesson(s).

For any other classes that you miss during a term including but not limited to: illness, injury, traffic, school/work trips etc. You MUST provide us with at least 24hrs notice beforehand to be entitled to a make-up lesson. We ask that you give us this notice as a common courtesy to the coach(es) and so that we may be able to schedule another class or student in your place for that particular day. Where you have not provided 24hrs notice, you will not be entitled to a makeup class.

Please also note that we can only offer a maximum of 2 make-up classes per term outside of wash-outs and public holidays. We highly recommend that if you are going away or planning to go on a holiday, you do so out-side of coaching times(on school holidays). This is to ensure consistency for our students. If you have to go "away" during the term, please notify us immediately so we can plan accordingly. 


The Lifestyle tennis Academy and all of its coaches will always endeavour to make classes as fun, enjoyable and SAFE as possible. The safety of all our students is our primary concern. We do our best to always ensure safety for all of our students, however there is always a level of risk in any sport. By enrolling, all players and parents aknowledge this and are participating on their own free will. The Lifestyle Tennis Academy accepts no liability in the case of an injury or injuries from activities students perform on or off the tennis court. If a student is uncomfortable at any time with a particular exercise /activity they can choose to sit it out. If a student is deliberately affecting the safety of others they will be asked to sit out. If the student continues to disturb or affect the class in a negative way they will be required to leave the tennis courts. Parents or guardians will be contacted to pick these students up immediately.  


We encouraged parents to watch their child or children whenever they are at the courts with us. If parents are feeling particularly energetic they are also allowed to come on court and help by picking-up tennis balls. We do however ask that parents DO NOT try and coach their son/daughter or another student while they are in the middle of a session with us. Please allow the coach to be the main authority in this regard. Doing so will only cause confusion for the student, particularly if they are receiving mixed messaged. Also, the student may feel as if we're "ganging up" on them. We also ask this because it is important to allow students to become independent on-court which sometimes means making their own mistakes and  it also allows children to develop stronger bonds with their coach.  

We look forward to working with you!