About Us

"I work with students of all ages and abilities in group classes and private lessons and show them how to get real results in their tennis. I can show you a solution to fix and improve any area in your tennis game.

The Lifestyle Tennis Academy(LTA) was originally started by me(Patrick), with the aim of helping elite or serious tennis players "turn pro," or play the game at the highest possible levels. Having coached over hundreds of students though the last 5 years, both one on one and in group settings, I quickly realised that not everyone wants to be a professional tennis player. I did realise though, that there was a demand and NEED, for all players to receive high quality tennis coaching and guidance. So that if a player did one day want to pursue this path, or if they wanted to continually improve their tennis skills and acheive an advanced level, that it would be possible.

You see, since about the age of 7, tennis has been my number 1 passion. It has literally consumed me and not a day goes by that I don't think about playing this sport or teaching it to others. Growing up, I was fortunate in alot of ways to have great coaches and mentors. However, I still encountered alot of frustration as a player. I felt that there wasn't one single place that I could go that could take me from "just starting," in this sport and take me through the stages required to reach the highest levels possible. So ultimately, that is what the LTA is all about. Whether you aim to be a pro tennis player, College player, compete in AMT's, play in tournaments, play club competitions, get fit, have a social hit, or just be good enough to beat your friends ;) I am certain that the LTA is the right place for you!

To ensure you acheive your tennis goals we provide a training environemnt that pushes students outside of their comfort zones and challenges them on a continual basis. We provide a holistic approach to learning tennis. Everything from the technical, tactical, physical and mental sides of the game. Our coaches are put through rigorous and on-going training to ensure they continue to get better and better as coaches and they stay up-to-date with the newest coaching and teaching methods. 

From a grass-roots level, all the way up to an advanced player, we teach exercises, drills and the correct mindsets that are required in order to excel in tennis. Students  can then practice what they've learnt with us in their own time, to ensure they retain what they have learnt and can improve as quickly as possible.

We take great pride in watching our players grow, mateur and get the results they want from this sport. If you're serious about improving your tennis skills, then click below to Join Us now.



I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the tennis courts soon!


Your sincerely -

Patrick Raducanu and the LTA team


"Fantastic coaching style by Pat. Highly reccomended if you want to learn tennis well"

- Sharad S.

"Thanks Patrick Raducanu for Fantastic coaching. Suhaan is loving it!"

- Bobby L.