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Tiny Tackers

Cost: $17 per lesson

Age guide: 3-4 years old

Lesson length: 30min

Students per class: max 4

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-Our entry level group class

-Great for beginners and early starters

player development in later years

and core basics that are crucial for

-emphasis on fundamental motor skills

-Typically suited for 4yr olds, however

we do accept eager 3yr olds too!



Cost: $17 per lesson

Age guide: 5-6 years old

Lesson length: 30min

Students per class: max 4

joeys serving.jpg

-Emphasis on fundamental motor-skills

and core basics

-Introduce rallying over the net using 

modified equipment to ensure players

develop correct rallying ability while

still executing strokes correctly

-Lay the foundation for more advanced

-Introduce more games into classes

concepts in later classes



Cost: $17 per lesson

Age guide: 7-8 years old

Lesson length: 30min

Students per class: max 4

transitional ball skills.jpg

-Emphasis on fundamental motor-skills

and core basics.

-Introduce players to topspin,  grip-

changes, different movements

-Players  begin rallying over the big

net with 25 or 50% compression balls

-Each class has a competitive aspect to

challenge players on what they learn

and engage their competitive side


Chaser 1

Cost: $27 per lesson

Age guide: 9-11 years old

Lesson length: 1hr

Students per class: max 4

Aaliya Ladder.jpg

-Emphasise more advanced motor skills

that are tennis specific

-Each class has a live-ball/competitive

component to test players on what

they've learnt as well as to engage

their competitive side

-Introduce players to more advanced

concepts such as: grip changes, top-

and tactical side of the game 


spin, pronation, correct mindsets

Chaser 2

Cost: $27 per lesson

Age guide: 12-17 years old

Lesson length: 1hr

Students per class: max 4

-Great for the older players looking  

to get started with tennis or those

that have previous coaching and

tennis experience

Main focuses of these classes:

-live-ball and rallying,

- challenges and competitions

- Drilling for technical development

-optional fitness in each class



Cost: $27 per lesson

Age guide: 18+ years old

Lesson length: 1hr

Students per class: max 4

-Great for all skill levels

-We place you into a group of similar or

equal ability and skill level 

Main focuses of these classes

-Drilling for technical development

-learnings tactics for matches 

-optional fitness in each class

-live-ball and game scenarios


-Quickest way to fast-track

your tennis skills and development

-Most in-depth class we offer and

Best option for player development

specific needs

- Individually tailored to meet your

-A must for tournament players or

those looking for a particular solution 

to any area in their game!

Private Lessons

-Cost: $45 per 30min lesson

-Cost: $80 per 1 Hour lesson

Age guide: 5yrs +

Students per class: 1


Free Trial Request Form

To book in for a trial class simply fill in the details below. Once we have received your form we will contact you to discuss a day/time that suits you best.

For general equiries please contact us here

How does all the coaching work?


Currently all of our classes are run alongside the Victorian school term. Meaning, if there are 10 weeks of school for the term, we run 10 weeks of coaching for that term.

*There are currently no classes on school holidays*  

The current dates for the current term are at the top of this page

All classes are run from: Mon - Friday, 4:30-8:30pm and Saturday's 9:00am-4pm

When are classes run?

How are classes Structured?

-For most classes we typically apply the following approach: a warm-up, an activity/exercise to develop a fundamental motor skill(which is relevant to the particular theme of the week), then 1-3 of our main drills/activities, followed by a live-ball scenario or a game/match-play scenario that is designed to test students on what they've learnt at the beginning of the class.


- As well as structuring each class we also structure each week of the term. Each week we have a different theme depending on which week of the term we are in. Example- a typical term looks like the following: week 1 - Forehands, week 2 backhands, week 3 serves, week 4 volleys, etc. This allows us to go deep into that particular stroke or area of the game and it ensures we build well rounded players. It also gives players a chance to work on all aspects of their game.

- Not only do we structure each week to have a particular theme, we also structure each term so there is a clear progression from more of a drilling/physical approach at the start of the term, to a more tactical/mental focus towards the end of the term.

How are classes grouped?

Each class is usually grouped by age first, particularly at the younger ages. However classes are also dependant on skill level. So as an example, if we have a player that's 6years old and is too good for the 5-6year Joey class, we may move them up to the 7-8year transitional class. This is usually at the discretion of the players coach. We pay close attention and take great care to match each class as best as possible and if we believe a player should switch to another class, we will let you know. It's ultimately for their benefit so they can develop as quickly as possible as a player