Why motivation is over-rated. Build habits instead!

Very often I speak with fellow coaches and parents about a variety of different topics. One that comes up either directly or in-directly is the topic of motivation. It always seems to me that nearly everyone I speak to has the contention that "a coach must motivate a player". Well, after years of experience as a coach, in my mind, I think these parents and coaches have things a little bit confused. I think that parents and coaches alike are mistaking our role as a coach. I believe it's a coaches responsibility to INSPIRE a player to want to do well, by showing them the correct path and what is possible if they stick to that path. I also believe that it's a coaches responsibility to disciplin

4 Tips for Tennis Parents at tournaments and matches

Tips for Parents at tournaments and matches So diving right in, I want to list the most common errors that I see parents(and coaches for that matter), making, when I go and watch my students play matches. I'm not necessarily talking about the parents of players I'm coaching here, although I'm sure they'll be the first to admit they're guilty of some of the things we will talk about. But I'm talking about the entire tennis community and some of the general errors I see from parents and guardians who come to watch their child come match time. It's my hope, that in writing today, I can help parents become more aware of how their actions can and do affect their children and how they can start to










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